The Reality of Hijab

What is Hijab?

Hijab is one of the most debated and commented aspects of Islam. But, what does the word hijab actually mean? In tackling such an issue, one must first look at the roots of the word hijab and its derivatives to attempt to understand. In Arabic, hijaba literally means a curtain, veil, partition or separation, and the most common and popular understanding of hijab today is the veil in regard to the dressing of women. However, the meaning of hijab is much vaster and is not limited to women’s clothing. The true meaning of hijab or cover must be reviewed and understood.

The word hijab has different meanings and could be examined from several dimensions as follows:

            1-                             Hijab as a veil of ignorance that covers the truth
            2-                             Hijab as a spiritual shield or cover
            3-                             Hijab as women’s clothing

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