"The person who prays is knocking at the heavenly gate, and verily it shall be opened unto him who knocks."
Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)

"The sunset prayer is the sowing of a seed, the night prayer is the growing of its roots in darkness and concealment, the morning prayer is the emergence of the first bud from the ground, the noon prayer is the growth of its branches and leaves, the afternoon prayer yields the fruit of the tree of devotion and it is said that he whoever neglects his afternoon prayer, has brought injustice upon himself and his kin."[1]

The salat or prayer is one of the most important components of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him). In the treatise Al-Salat, Molana-al-Moazam Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha states:

"O loved one; the principles of religion lie in discipline and effort. After cognition of the holy principles of Islam, the first duty is prayer, wherein what has been cognized of these principles is applied. Prayer is the reality of proper conduct for the believer, and it is necessary for the transformation of the carnal soul into the Divine soul so that it may be worthy of receiving the Almighty’s blessing.

The importance and grandeur of prayer is of such magnitude that prayer is called "the pillar of religion", and in reality it is the mark of Islam and of faith."[2]

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2. Ibid, p.1.

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